Carousel Ride Hire will provide all that is needed to hold a successful annual or special event. Supervised rides, stalls, catering, security and fencing are just a few of the services on offer.

From its start in 1981, John and Rosie Armitage have provided all the amusement and special catering equipment for the German style Christmas market, which lines the streets, lawns and castle area of the city of Lincoln every year. It is one of the largest market's in europe and is growing every year; in 2002 the market consisted of 15 large rides such as a giant 40m wheel and full size roller coaster. There were also many children's rides, which contributed to it having the largest presentation of rides ever. In 2004 it saw over 4 million visitors form all over the world in just 4 days.

We always make a visit to your location prior to the event to assess the suitability of the site including the access for the vehicles and to take measurements of the area where the rides are to be located to make sure there is the necessary space required for the rides to be assembled to operate safely for the event.

In addition, we have also supplied services for the following:-

  • Yorkshire TV.
  • Sheffield City Council.
  • North Lincs Council.
  • British Airport Authorities.
  • BBC Open Universitas.
  • Boston Council.
  • Cleethorpes Council.
  • Lincs Agricultural Society.
  • and many, many more.

We can also provide Fast Food Catering units, Hog Roasts, and Freshly Ground Coffee units.

We also Supply for your event.